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CVB Barcode

Robust reading and verification of 1D- and 2D-symbologies

CVB Barcode offers a powerful algorithm to accurately decode common barcode symbologies reliably and at high speed. The algorithm locates the codes automatically within the camera image, irrespective of position or rotation and can even read codes when they have poor contrast, are printed on uneven surfaces, or need to be viewed in a challenging environment or orientation.

CVB Barcode allows the secure and positive identification and tracking of components and products throughout their lifecycle based on a wide range of codes. The current list of supported barcode symbologies is detailed below.

In addition to pure barcode reading, CVB Barcode also offers verification (grading) of 1D-barcodes, Datamatrix and QR-Codes. Standardised measure ment procedures are used to objectively evaluate the print quality of the code under predefined conditions. This level of quality control is common in industrial environments to ensure the printing of the bar code is of sufficient quality to ensure the elimination of reading errors when tracking the code later in the production process.

Example for CVB Barcode in action

  • All 1D- and 2D-barcodes can

    • be activated or deactivated individually
    • located at any position in the image
    • be read at any angle of rotation or at different sizes
    • be read when on a curved surface or if they have been optically distorted
    • read when mirrored
    • read when printed black on white or white on black.
  • For recognition, you can

    • specify the symbology that needs to be decoded
    • specify the size to be read,
    • deactivate check digit control,
    • deactivate quiet zone control,
    • deactivate the transfer of start and stop codes,
    • specify the position of codes
    • specify the rotation of codes