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CVB Minos

High-speed decision tree object recognition and OCR/OCV

Since its first version in 1991, CVB Minos has been continuously updated and today it still is one of the only decision tree based pattern recognition tools in the market using real greyscale features.

CVB Minos For object recognition CVB Minos uses discrete features in the grey value range that are automatically extracted from sample images during the training phase. CVB Minos not only detects features to differentiate between each trained object type, but also uses negative examples in the sample images to further secure correct detection and classification. This provides the ability to differentiate between two similar objects and also to deal with patterns that are mixed with varying backgrounds, for example in OCR or security print used in bank notes or credit cards.

CVB Minos is used mainly in object recognition and alignment as well as for optical character recognition and verification, even in tough circumstances. The tool is able to correctly identify even characters with overlapping extremities or partially hidden characters.

Since the 2016 version of Common Vision Blox a teaching application called Teach Bench is included allowing easy teaching of image models for the CVB Minos and CVB Polimago.


  • Ideal for differentiating between similar objects even in case of rotation or scaling
  • Can learn consistent features and ignore features that change
  • Integration of negative examples in the training process
  • Recognition of trained objects at very high speed
  • Character recognition (OCR/OCV) under difficult conditions
  • Can be trained to complex patterns (e.g. OCR) or easy patterns
  • Outclasses traditional edge or blob tools regarding speed, accuracy and robustness


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