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Schneider Kreuznach CCTV series - manual zoom lenses

For decades, the name Schneider Kreuznach has been synonymous with the construction of high-quality lenses, designed to meet the exacting requirements of studio photography, television technology, film projection as well as enlargement and reproduction technology. The company also supplies extremely reliable, precise lenses for the wide range of applications in field of robotics and machine vision.

The standard range includes both fixed focal length and zoom lenses. In addition to lenses for 2/3" sensor cameras, STEMMER IMAGING can also supply Schneider lenses suitable for 1" sensors. All the lenses in this series use C-mount connectors.


Precision, adjustable focal length zoom lenses, specially suited for colour cameras and measurement applications. Available in focal lengths from 10mm to 100mm

  • Linear optical correction in visible light through to the near infrared range (NIR)
  • Various image fields
  • Various apertures
  • Various focus distances
  • Various diameters
  • Various filter threads
  • C-mount camera connection
  • Available with locking focus and aperture rings


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