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Phrontier CLEVER

Multi-port CameraLink signal router

The CLEVER and CLEVER-M connect either one or two CameraLink cameras to one or two frame grabbers with a choice of splitting, switching or routing functionality. The image data paths, camera control signals and serial communications are independently controllable with the image output being either split to two frame grabbers for parallel processing, or multiplexed into one frame grabber for cost savings. Control signals can be sent from the same frame grabber to different cameras for synchronisation. CLEVER can also be used as a repeater for Medium or Dual-Base configurations to extend cable lengths. Control is effected via an RS232 port or by DIP switches on the front panel.


  • Function: duplicates and regenerates image data from one camera to two frame grabbers
  • Expansion: can be cascaded for multiple cameras
  • Integration: seamless operation with Phox and Phast products
  • Control: convenient RS232 port and DIP switch for easier control 
  • Dimensions: 118 x 88 x 40 mm
  • Miscellaneous: plug & play, no additional software required

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Répéteur et duplicateur camera Link Full

  • Supporte 10 Tap pour séparateur et de la fonction répéteur (RP)
  • 1 caméra vers ...


Répéteur et duplicateur mini camera Link medium

  • 1 caméra vers 2 cartes d’acquisitio
  • De 20 MHz jusqu'a 85 ...


Interface Cameralink Repeater

  • Supporte Camera Link Standard Base, Medium et DualBase sur 24 bit (85 MHz)
  • Alimentation internationale 110 / 240 ...


Interface CameraLink Splitter 1 x 2

  • Supporte Camera Link standard Base sur 24 bit (85 MHz)
  • Alimentation internationale 110 / 240 ...


Interface Cameralink Switch 2 x 2

  • Supporte Camera Link Standard sur 24 bit (85 MHz)
  • Aussi utilisable comme Splitter ou ...