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Vieworks VN

Pixel shift cameras designed for extremely high resolutions

The Vieworks VN series of pixel shift cameras are designed for applications where the object is stationary and extremely high resolution is required.

Advanced pixel shift technology based on a precise piezoelectric stage captures images of up to 420 million pixels. By shifting the sensor a subpixel between exposures, an extremely high resolution image can be generated with spectacular results. The cameras can also operate without pixel shifting for increased frame rates with moving objects. This allows for use in hybrid applications with varying requirements.


  • Sensor: ON Semiconductor progressive scan interline transfer CCD image sensor, monchrome or colour
  • Sensor size: 4/3" to 35mm
  • Resolution: from 25 megapixel (VN-25MX) up to 427 megapixel (VN-200MX)
  • Features: nano stage pixel shift mechanism, improved fill factor, flat field correction, field upgradable firmware, pixel defect correction
  • Lens mount: F-mount
  • Interface: CameraLink Base, CoaXPress
  • Software: compatible with Common Vision Blox

Markets and Applications

  • Flat panel inspection
  • Semiconductor and electronics inspection tasks
  • Scanning and digitizing of documents and film material
  • Scientific imaging and research

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Model Résolution (Mégapixel) Fréquence d'image (Hz) Monture de l'objectif Résolution horizontale Résolution verticale Format du capteur
VIEWORKS VN-25MX-C72D0-DIN-FM 25 72 F-mount 5120 5120 Large format
VIEWORKS VN-25MX-M72D0-DIN-FM 25 72 F-mount 5120 5120 Large format
VIEWORKS VN-29MC-C5A0-FM 259 5 F-mount 19728 13152 Large format
VIEWORKS VN-29MC-M5A0-FM 259 5 F-mount 19728 13152 Large format


Adaptateur Tripod pour
VN (29M)

  • distance centrale de trou 55mm
File Topics Size
VN Series Manual | 1.7
3.2 MB
VN-25MX Manual | 1.2
2.7 MB
Vieworks VN Pixel Shift Cameras
Data sheets
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