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Vieworks VP

High-performance camera with thermoelectric Peltier cooling (TEC)

The Vieworks VP series implements thermoelectric Peltier (TEC) cooling to deliver reduced noise and extended exposure times.

The TEC maintains the operating temperature of the CCD at up to 20° C below ambient temperatures. These cameras provide a stable operating condition and the ability to expose for a long period of time to increase camera sensitivity. These cameras are ideal for industrial applications such as flat panel display inspection and microscopy.


  • Sensor: ON Semiconductor progressive scan interline transfer CCD or CMOS, monochrome or colour
  • Bit depth: 8, 10 or 12 bit data output
  • Features: user-defined LUT, flat field correction, field upgradable firmware, defect pixel correction
  • Lens: F-mount
  • Interface: CameraLink, CoaXPress
  • Software: compatible with Common Vision Blox
  • Cooling: thermoelectric Peltier cooling keeping temperature with 20° C below ambient temperature, allows long time exposure for increased sensitivity

Markets and Applications

  • Medical imaging
  • Flat panel display inspection
  • Research and scientific imaging
  • Microscopy and metrology 

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Model Résolution (Mégapixel) Fréquence d'image (Hz) Monture de l'objectif Résolution horizontale Résolution verticale Format du capteur
VIEWORKS VP-29MC-C5A0-FM 28,8 5 F-mount 6576 4384 Large format
VIEWORKS VP-29MC-M5A0-FM 28,8 5 F-mount 6576 4384 Large format
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Vieworks VP Peltier Cooled High Speed Cameras
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