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Ricoh high resolution lenses for 9 megapixel cameras

  • Lenses with an image circle of 16 mm and very precise resolution for crisp and high contrast images
  • For 1'' sensors and cameras with up to 9 megapixel resolution
  • Very low falloff towards the edges
  • Ideally suited for industrial use thanks to locking screws and robust design
  • Camera mount: C-mount

Markets & applications

  • Wafer inspection
  • Measurement tasks


  • Resolution: 135 line pairs/mm
  • Distortion < 0,1%


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Model Camera mount (optics) Max. sensor size M.O.D. Aperture Focal length (mm)
RICOH FL-BC2518-9M C-mount 1" 100 F 1.8 25
RICOH FL-BC3518-9M C-mount 1" 150 F 1.8 35
RICOH FL-BC5024-9M C-mount 1" 200 F 2.4 50
RICOH FL-BC7528-9M C-mount 1" 250 F 2.8 75