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Lens Types

Fixed focus lenses, Zoom lenses, Lenses for multi-chip cameras, Standard resolution lenses, High resolution lenses, Large format lenses, Liquid lenses

Standard lenses that focus to infinity are very good when inspecting large components, but when objects are comparable in size to that of the imaging sensor, macro lenses are the best choice. Macro lenses are not specified in terms of their focal length, but are named according to the magnification. These lenses generally have a fixed working distance and a fixed iris and are optimised for magnification with distortion being kept to a minimum.

Fixed focus lenses

For the vast majority of industrial applications with a fixed object size and a fixed working distance, the most common type of lens used is a fixed focus model. Because they are designed for a fixed set-up, they offer the best optimised image quality. Adjustment on these lenses is usually limited to the focus and/or iris.