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Acquistion: GigE Vision - Jumbo Frames

The performance level of a GigE Vision system depends strongly on the hardware and software components and their configuration. Jumbo frames have a strong impact.

Jumbo frames have a strong impact on the performance of the GigE Vision system. Jumbo frames are packages with more than the Ethernet MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) of 1500 bytes. According to an Ethernet promise, 1500 byte frames can always be transmitted. Larger sizes must be split up and packaged to fit into the 1500 byte frame including a header data overhead.

Using jumbo frames less header data is transmitted, which allows more capacity to be available for user data. The gain is marginal, however the number of packages is reduced dramatically and as a result of this the number of operations in the camera and the receiving computer reduced (e.g. splitting, recompiling of images). This takes a lot of load off the CPU and frees resources for the actual processing of data.