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Specialist cameras

Dual sensor cameras, Remote head and micro head cameras, Low light and low noise cameras, 3D cameras

Many cameras are designed with specific features for narrow vertical market applications and offer those, despite their unique features, at affordable cost. Some of these are discussed in the following section.

Dual sensor cameras

Cameras are available that use a prism to split the light according to the wavelength into two light beams to be captured on a sensor. This method enables simultaneous capturing and subsequent transmission over two channels.

A sensor using a Bayer Mosaic filter that only captures the visible light, can be used in conjunction with a monochrome sensor that integrates the near infrared light. Using the output of the Bayer sensor, it is possible to analyse an object based on visible light. The NIR-channel enables detection of features that are only visible in the longwave range, the near infrared, not visible to the human eye. As longwave light penetrates the material of the object deeper, defects can be detected that lay under the surface, and the contrast necessary for a subsequent processing in software is provided.