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Cable testing and validation

As vision systems evolve, we tend to see more cameras per system, faster data rates and the use of network technology between the camera and PC. All these factors increase demands on the cabling and poor cabling or incorrect network switches can have serious effects.

Therefore it is important that your cable provider uses the correct equipment to ensure poor cable quality does not cause problems. Our in-house cable manufacturing department uses the Fluke cable testing equipment to ensure our cables perform to the highest levels.

As part of our quality assurance process we issue an individual test certificate for each cable produced. Tests are carried out using a PCbased automatic cable tester which verifies all wires to ensure we detect incorrect wiring or short circuits. The system works based on the principle of Ohmic resistance.

Using a Fluke cable analyser we are not only able to identify a faulty cable, but also to diagnose the type of fault and where the fault lies. Parameters like cable impedance, capacitance, data skew and signal crosstalk are all analysed and can be validated against cable specifications to ensure compliance. If required, we can supply a test certificate for each cable tested and include it with the delivery. Using our cable analyser we not only test copper cables, but also optical fibres where the purity of the fibre ends and the attenuation of optical fibres is documented.