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Extending cables & Cable orientation

For most cables the connector is directly fixed to the back, however in some applications where space is limited, it may be useful to angle the cable from the connector in a particular direction.

What appears obvious to one person is often less obvious to another. As such orientation definitions vary across interface standards. Many different connector types are used in machine vision applications and many of these are available with connectors rotated at specific angles to enable use in locations with little space. Depending on the position that the connectors are viewed from, the terms left, right, up and down may not always provide enough information to accurately determine the required orientation.

To ensure customers always receive the correct cable, independently of the camera and interface used, we have defined a naming convention for the orientation of our cables. As the mechanical assembly of the interface connector in regard to the sensor position might vary among camera models (often with CameraLink) it is firstly necessary to define an independent reference position.

Definition of camera orientation

The camera has to be aligned so that the sensor is in the correct horizontal

Definition for circular connectors

For circular connectors (Hirose or other suppliers), the pin arrangement specified by the manufacturer will apply with the mechanical arrangement of the connector with orientation pin 1 = UP as reference. After alignment of the camera in the above described horizontal position, the desired outgoing direction is defined according to pin 1 of the circular connector. The drawing shows some examples of commonly used Hirose connectors with different outgoing directions with view to the camera connector.

Definition for rectangular connectors

For rectangular connectors (like MDR26 - CameraLink, USB and IEEE 1394) looking at the cable connector end is the reference, viewing the individual connector pins. The connector has to be positioned with pin 1 at the top left (male connector) or right (female connector), as shown in the drawing and the possible directions of the cable output are marked as R (for RIGHT), L (for LEFT), U (for UP) and D (for DOWN). camera connector. position as shown here.