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Line scan cameras

To inspect sheet steel, paper web or other uncut materials for errors at extremely high speed during their manufacture, line-scan based image processing systems are often the only technically and economically viable solution. This article describes the current state-of-the-art line-scan systems.

In scenarios where moving, continuous material needs to be inspected for faults, line-scan cameras will generally provide a better solution than traditional area scan cameras. Despite this fact, people regularly harbour reservations about deploying line-scan cameras; reservations that generally arise from insufficient experience with this method of inspection. This often leads to a situation where image processing users often continue to deploy familiar area scan technology even when it would make more sense to use line- scan cameras for a given application. But the fact is that line-scan cameras offer an inexpensive method of generating high-resolution images and making them available to the software for evaluation on standard PC platforms whose performance is increasing all the time.