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STEMMER IMAGING starts distributing Automation Technology's Febriscan EBT system

19 Maggio 2020

STEMMER IMAGING AG has signed an agreement with Automation Technology for the distribution of it’s FebriScan systems - complete LWIR camera solutions for detecting elevated human body temperatures.

Automation Technology is one of our long-term partners and we’ve always had the confidence with them being able to provide our customers with leading edge technology. The FebriScan product was developed not only for our customers, but for the whole environment, as it significantly reduces the risk of infectious diseases from spreading.
Tim Huylebrouck, Product Manager at STEMMER IMAGING for Automation Technology products

With current restrictions being enforced due to the COVID-19 situation, non-contact elevated body temperature measurements are crucial to maintain the social distancing guidelines while performing checks. The high-precision system from Automation Technology is available as a an all in one or portable solution and performs checks that meet the requirements of the IEC 80601-2-59:2017 standards.

To accommodate varying installation space limitations, the Febriscan is available with a number of configuration options that enable it to be mounted at a distance of 1 or 2m away from the subject. The system can be deployed in less than 5 minutes and enables a true body temperature measurement with the highest accuracy thanks to the calibrated high precision temperature reference black body – which is used to reference the measure temperature to a precision required for true elevated body temperature detection.

To ensure that the temperature that is measured is as close to the core body temperature as possible, the system detects and measures the temperature at the inner eyelid angle of the eye (canthus)rather than the skin temperature which is proven to be unreliable.

One of the numerous and outstanding advantages of FebriScan is that it performs detection of Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) by fulfilling the requirements of international standards IEC / DIN. It is smart IR camera based and therefore very compact and easy to install, requiring no external PC for processing.

Thanks to a specially by AT developed blackbody, the FebriScan achieves a measurement precision better than +/- 0.3°C. It is available in different packages to better suit individual installation needs and it can therefore also be setup at every location. Furthermore, the support of Modbus and REST protocols can extend the functionality of the system to higher levels of integration in security access zones.
Athinodoros Klipfel from Automation Technology