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CVB Movie

Software for sequence recording and image archiving

CVB Movie is a Common Vision Blox tool that can record video sequences and save them as AVI files directly to hard disk ready for subsequent playback using either CVB Image Manager or any other suitable playback software. Using an appropriately configured computer with an adequate RAID­-disk array, impressive data rates are possible.

With CVB 2019, CVB Movie provides the functionality that allows developers to make the most of increasing disk write-speeds and increasing camera frame-rate and resolution. CVB Movie has been built on DirectShow which is a Microsoft technology that allows access to a large number of codecs (for compression and decompression of data). This is convenient and also allows compatibility with commercially-available media players.

However, the rapidly increase camera and disk capabilities means that the limitations of DirectShow are found more often. CVB Movie now offers a ‘raw recording’ method using our own file container that optimises the image data to the disk to allow the full potential of the disk to be exploited. Applications are already achieving Gigabytes per second and more than ten thousand frames per second recorded uncompressed to disk.

As CVB Movie can use DirectShow Video Codecs that are installed on the system at the time of recording, various movie formats can be used. Depending on the Video Codec selected, even video files compressed with the most modern compression algorithms can be recorded. Naturally the Video Codecs used have to be available on both the recording and playback systems.

In industrial and scientific machine vision there are many application areas where continuous recording of sequences may be needed. The video data that the system stores, may be used for documentation and/or later analysis. Besides the continuous recording of camera data, it is also possible to record preselected images, for example, only those images that show defective parts.

As the videos can be played back using CVB Image Manager, they can also be used for development purposes or for testing machine vision software, in cases where no online testing is possible.

As the core of our recording solutions, CVB Movie guarantees robust and secure image storage to RAM or disk and supports a variety of additional features such as adding a timestamp or user specific information such as GPS-data directly synchronised to the image data.

This data is not visible on the image, but is clearly allocated to the individual image as meta data. Combined with our experience in building customer specific PC vision systems we have the expertise to work with customers to deliver image recording platforms with guaranteed underlying performance leaving the application functionality to the developer, removing significant risk. Our consultants are also available to code specific functionality into a bespoke solution that meets your needs.


  • Compressed or uncompressed recording
  • Support for all common DirectShow codecs
  • Utilises CVB ring buffer to prevent dropped frames and smooth out the compression throughput
  • Powerful application Movie Interactive for RAM and/or disc recording included
  • Parallel recording from multiple cameras
  • Support of high-speed cameras
  • Recording of monochrome and colour image sources
  • Synchronised recording
  • Supports text streams as meta data in the AVI container
  • Includes player example applications to read the meta data

Markets and Applications

  • Separation of image recording and image analysis
  • Recording of memory intensive image sequences directly to hard disk
  • Recording of portable, compressed video sequences, i.e. for email dispatch for use in feasibility studies
  • Archive of error images within a system in the form of a single, compressed file for efficient data transmission for use in remote system surveillance

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Tool for image sequence capturing to harddisk or RAM

  • contains MovieInteractive2, executable for recording sequences to HD (AVI or image ...


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