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Dahua Technology 3000 area Scan

Entry level camera with GigE Vision and USB3 Vision Interface

The 3000 series of the manufacturer Dahua Technology is the beginner series at a very cost-effective entry-level in a small and compact housing and a weight of only 60 to 88 grams. The camera series includes general sensor technologies such as CCD, CMOS with global or rolling shutter offering monochrome and colour models and guarantees excellent image quality with resolutions from 0.5 Mp up to 20.0 MP.

Features of the Dahua area scan 3000 series

Various features of the 3000 series help to to keep the system complexity and cost low. Among these are the support for frame buffer and data buffering, software /hardware trigger, ISP functions, interpolation algorithm for colour cameras and varios image functions like ROI, binning. The different output formats for image data are standards for the camera series.    


  • Sensor: various CMOS and CCD
  • Resolution: 0.5 MP up to 20.0 MP (GigE); 1.2 MP up to 20.0 MP (USB)
  • Frame rate: up to 120 fps with 800 x 600 px (GigE) or 1280 x 960 px (USB)
  • Features: supports frame buffer for image and data buffering
  • Interface: GigE Vision, USB3 Vision
  • Connections: I/O via Hirose, RJ45 (H) for GigE, Micro-B for USB
  • Dimensions: 29.0 mm x 29.0 mm x 29.0 mm (GigE and USB); 29.0 mm x 29.0 mm x 42.0 mm (GigE)

Markets and Applications

  • Stress identification on parts in industrial automation
  • Roughness and scratch detection in surface inspection
  • Contrast improvement in food inspection
  • Solder joint inspection in PCB-AOI (automated optical inspection)
  • Exciting of flourescence substances in biomedical applications 

File Topics Size
Dahua MV-A3051(M/C)G000E
Data sheets
533.6 KB
Dahua MV-A3051MG100E
Data sheets
462.9 KB
Dahua MV-A3124(M/C)G100E
Data sheets
551.7 KB
Dahua MV-A3131(M/C)G000E
Data sheets
569.0 KB
Dahua MV-A3131MG100E
Data sheets
514.3 KB
Dahua MV-A3135(M/C)G000E
Data sheets
482.6 KB
Dahua MV-A3135(M/C)U000E
Data sheets
561.5 KB
Dahua MV-A3200CG000E
Data sheets
490.7 KB
Dahua MV-A3200CU000E
Data sheets
481.8 KB
Dahua MV-A3200MG004E
Data sheets
460.0 KB
Dahua MV-A3504(M/C)G100E
Data sheets
464.8 KB
Dahua MV-A3600(M/C)G18E
Data sheets
523.5 KB
Dahua MV-A3600(M/C)U60E
Data sheets
536.2 KB
Dahua MV-A3600MG100E
Data sheets
432.9 KB
Dahua MV-A3A04MG10E
Data sheets
475.8 KB
Dahua MV-A3A20(M/C)G8E
Data sheets
2.4 MB
Dahua MV-A3A20(M/C)U24E
Data sheets
538.2 KB
Dahua MV-A3B00(M/C)G000E
Data sheets
519.0 KB
Dahua MV-A3B00(M/C)U000E
Data sheets
566.5 KB