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Dahua Technology 5000 line scan

Cost-effective camera with GigE Vision, CameraLink and CoaXPress interface

Based on the most advanced CMOS line scan technology, the Dahua Technology 5000 lines scan camera family offers a selection of line scan cameras with 2k, 4k, 8k or 16k resolution and models in monochrome and colour. The cameras support a selection of interfaces from GigE Vision to CameraLink and CoaXPress, in order to achieve line rates of up to 140 kHz.

Features of the Dahua line scan 5000 series

The models of the compact and robust camera provide many attractive features, including flat-field correction with import and export of correction results, ROI, binning, smart triggers through programmable GPIO and multiple user configuration sets.

Product Range

The 5000 line scan series are available with various interfaces.

  • Dahua Technology 5000 line scan GigE Vision
    Resolution available for 2k and 4k with line rates from 13 kHz to 51 kHz Monchrome and colour models (2k and 4k)

  • Dahua Technology 5000 line scan CameraLink Resolution available for 2k, 4k, 8k and 16K with line rates from 40 kHz to 100 kHz Monchrome and colour models (2k and 4k)

  • Dahua Technology 5000 line scan CoaXPress
    Resolution available for 16K with line rate from 140 kHz Monochrome model


  • Sensor: various CMOS line sensor, monochrome and colour
  • Resolution: 16k (CXP), 2/4/8/16k (CL), 2/4k (GigE)
  • Line rate: up to 140 kHz (CXP), up to 100 kHz (CL), up to 51 kHz (GigE)
  • Bit depth: 8, 10 or 12 bit for monochrome; 24 RGB for colour
  • Features: programmable GPIOs, flat-field correction, binning, multiiple user sets
  • Lens mount: M42, M72 and F or T2-adapters
  • I/O: programmable trigger, signal and synchronisation
  • Interface: CoaXPress, CameraLink Base, Medium and Full or GigE Vision
  • Power supply: DC 12 to 24 V or 10 to 15 V via Hirose connector (GigE and CL) or Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP)
  • Operating temperature: -30 °C up to 50 °C

Markets and Applications

  • 100% quality print inspection tasks
  • High resolution surface and web inspection applications
  • Maximum precision Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions in semiconductor quality insurance
  • High-speed document scanning

File Topics Size
Dahua MV-L5023CG49E
Data sheets
482.5 KB
Dahua MV-L5023CK80E
Data sheets
458.6 KB
Dahua MV-L5023MG51E
Data sheets
426.0 KB
Dahua MV-L5023MK100E
Data sheets
401.9 KB
Dahua MV-L5043CG26E
Data sheets
482.5 KB
Dahua MV-L5043CK40E
Data sheets
449.4 KB
Dahua MV-L5043MG26E
Data sheets
426.6 KB
Dahua MV-L5043MK100E
Data sheets
401.7 KB
Dahua MV-L5082MG170E
Data sheets
650.4 KB
Dahua MV-L5083MK100-2E
Data sheets
383.2 KB
Dahua MV-L5083MK100-4E
Data sheets
643.0 KB
Dahua MV-L5083MK40-2E
Data sheets
383.2 KB
Dahua MV-L5083MK40-4E
Data sheets
382.2 KB
Dahua MV-L5163MK50-4E
Data sheets
374.3 KB
Dahua MV-L5163MX140-4E
Data sheets
677.4 KB