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For over 40 years, the CBC Corp. with their brands Computar and Ganz has been a leader in the manufacture of technologically and economically convincing solutions for the CCTV market.

The Ganz-brand comprises all (IP)-cameras, recorders and other electronic devices, whereas Computar is the name for high quality lenses. The product range includes machine vision, megapixel and vario lenses of up to 1550 mm focal length.

Computar attaches great importance to minimum distortion, high luminous sensitivity and high resolution, features especially important for automatic inspection. With Computar you get a competitive lens ideal for many machine vision or CCTV applications.

Computar MPY

A very compact 12 megapixel C-mount lens for larger sensors (1.1”).

Computar MPZ

A compact 20 megapixel C-mount lens with a high magnification

Computar MPW2-R

Lenses with a rugged mechanical design

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Computar A4Z1214CS-MPIR Data sheets 89,9 KB
Computar AG4Z1214KCS-MPIR Data sheets 92,5 KB
Computar AG4Z2812KCS-MPIR Data sheets 97,6 KB
Computar H0514-MP2 Data sheets 104,0 KB
Computar H0924KP Data sheets 38,7 KB
Computar H2520KP Data sheets 38,8 KB
Computar H2Z0414C-MP Data sheets 44,8 KB
Computar L1028KDRW Data sheets 51,7 KB

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