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Bloodhound SSC reaches 210 mph in trials

24 Nov 2017

Engineers from STEMMER IMAGING were on hand to witness Bloodhound SSC in trial runs held at Cornwall Airport, Newquay. The jet and rocket powered car has made significant progress towards its goal of achieving a speed of 1000 mph and a new world land speed record. It reached a speed of 210 mph during one of the trials.

STEMMER IMAGING has developed a video system for the vehicle to produce and record video data for both engineering and broadcast purposes. 25 cameras can be located at strategic points on the car and data from any 12 of these cameras selected by the driver can be acquired on any given run and recorded for later analysis.

Five of the 25 locations are safety-critical and these camera feeds are intended for use on all runs. These monitor the instruments and controls, the forward facing and rear facing fin tops (the rear being important to research how the parachute deploys), the rocket oxidiser connection hose and the rocket plume itself which is critical to ensure the correct ignition of the rocket has taken place.

Forward facing cameras deliver live streamed video for broadcast purposes. Other cameras monitor critical engineering parameters such as the wheel-ground interface.

Mark Chapman, Chief Engineer for The Bloodhound Project, has said:

“The Project is much more than an attempt to break the world land speed record. The project was conceived to inspire the next generation of engineers by bringing science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life in the most exciting way possible.

Over 5,700 UK primary and secondary schools have signed up to use the free BLOODHOUND Education resources in their classrooms. The project has thrown up a multitude of engineering challenges as we push technology to its limits.

STEMMER IMAGING’s contribution through its technical excellence in vision technology, and ability to adapt to each new challenge as the project has progressed, embodies the spirit that has allowed us to take Bloodhound from a concept to a real vehicle.”