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Machine vision systems

If you are looking to solve a factory automation or inspection problem with machine vision, a so-called vision system is often the best option as they contain a ready to deploy package of camera, processor, software and PLC integration.

STEMMER IMAGING can provide you with the perfect machine vision system for your application as we continually evaluate a wide range of technologies selecting the best solutions, backed with indepth knowledge. Our easy to install solutions address a wide range of diverse applications including factory floor automation, 2D and 3D measurements, surface inspection, print and packaging automation, robotics, reading and verification of labels and part codes, as well as high-speed image recording.

How to choose the right vision system for your application

The following points should be considered prior to specifying and deploying a vision system:

  • How many inspections are required per second?
  • How fast are the parts moving?
  • How large is the area of inspection?
  • What level of accuracy is required?
  • Do you need multiple views?
  • Is colour identification needed?
  • What actions do you wish to take based on the inspection results?

Special consideration should be given to a realistic definition of the required accuracy, as this has a massive influence on system cost.

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