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Hyperspectral imaging

Chemical Colour Imaging (CCI) makes complex hyperspectral data on a molecular level usable for machine vision. Hyperspectral imaging systems from STEMMER IMAGING CVS HyperInspect based on a generic, intuitive configurable data processing platform developed by Perception Park make the scientific methods of hyperspectral analysis accessible for everyone and open up new application areas.

How does hyperspectral imaging work?

Chemical Colour Imaging visualises the molecular structure of materials by different colouring in the resulting images. This unique „chemical fingerprint“ enables easy and reliable identification of identical or different looking objects. It also works the other way round: It is possible to detect identical material properties of different looking objects.

Hyperspectral imaging allows the visualisation of transformation levels of products that are subject to transformation processes for example ripening fruit. Hyperspectral systems analyse a spectral range of more than 100 different wavelengths (for example 900 nm - 1700 nm), thus opening up completely new application options exceeding by far the current range of multi-spectral imaging applications.

However, hyperspectral camera technology has not yet been widely applied in the industrial environment. Until now, the use of hyperspectral systems has only been accessible to experts in spectroscopy and chemometry, due to extensive and highly complex data volumes.

The Perception Park software reduces and simplifies these huge and complex data volumes for easy application in the industrial field even without expert knowledge. In particular, the intuitive and configurable graphical user interface of Perception Park’s software provides for simple and convenient evaluation of hyperspectral data.

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