Training for experts and users of machine vision

European Imaging Academy (EIA)

You want to up the level of your knowledge of imaging and machine vision? Why not attend one of our training sessions at the European Imaging Academy (EIA)? We can help beginners to get into the topic as well as helping imaging and technology professionals learn more about products and software solutions with hands-on training.

Another option is our Machine Vision Technology Forum. Here you have the chance to be up-to-date with the latest technology trends. You want to learn now? A variety of videos is available to give you an insight into the wide range of technologies on offer and which show the possibilities of individual products.

Become an expert in imaging and machine vision

Are you a machine vision newbie who wants to obtain basic knowledge? Or, have you already been using this technology and your acquired basics should be deepened in order to communicate with your system integrator on the same technological level? In both cases we offer the perfect training according to your needs.

  • Visit a training course in one of our European subsidiairies, attend an individual e-learning course or choose an individual on-site training.

  • Find out 8 benefits offered by the European Imaging Academy: Build-up basic knowledge in imaging and machine vision, acquire know-how to solve your individual imaging task and get some useful practical tips from our experts.