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Where Vision has helped

Case Studies and Application Examples

Our machine vision specialists can add valuable imaging expertise working with your engineering teams from feasibility to equipment selection and engineering support to apply vision enhance your systems or processes helping keep your food processing solutions best in class delivering your customers competitive advantage by increased profitability.

Our case studies and application examples will show you how to increase quality of your product with machine vision solutions in the food industry.

Machine vision ensures perfect dairy packaging

Vision technology has a crucial role to play in offering manufacturers in the food industry a competitive advantage. One important area is packaging, where both the quality of the packaging itself and the markings on it need to be checked.

Machine vision provides defect-free aluminium containers

The Swiss company, Leuthold Mechanik AG (HLM) makes machines for manufacturing aluminium containers which, among other things, are used for packaging pet food and foodstuffs. A core element of quality assurance is machine vision by STEMMER IMAGING.

Robot harvesting of fresh produce

Make your harvesting process more efficient and reduce waste. Vision technology specialist, STEMMER IMAGING, has been working closely with a number of fresh produce growers on development projects aimed at automating produce harvesting.

Automated bread inspection at Niverplast

See what it takes to deliver only perfect bread to your customers - size and form of the bakery doesn't matter thanks to the easy and flexible software from Niverplast and the vision components from STEMMER IMAGING.

Code scanning with a high resolution vision system

An automatic test device has been developed for random sample testing of chocolate bars by Kdorf Automation in collaboration with the Lower Rhine University and STEMMER IMAGING.

Sugar flower inspection with 3D machine vision

Watch how the LMI Gocator is used in the food industry for 3D quality control of sugar flowers and which results the use of machine vision showed.

Baked product inspection

STEMMER IMAGING has redeveloped the imaging system for the C-Cell bread & baked product quality assessment system manufactured by Calibre Control International Ltd. C-Cell produces images of crumb cell structure and distribution in baked products.

Imaging in the drinks industry

SYSCONA Kontrollsysteme GmbH has achived a breakthrough in the accurate identification of bottles using a newly developed optical system.

100% quality for can bodies and ends

The quality of the aluminum can ends produced in the Braunschweig-based factory is ensured by TCVision, a high-speed vision system from our partner QUISS.

Rapid and safe microbial detection system

The detection of the "microbial load" is performed using a quantitative method with a contaminant as the unit, such as a bacterial cell, for example.

3D imaging for accurate volume measurements

A new approach to multi-camera 3D imaging is set to make a big impact in accurate volume measurement for irregular shaped objects such as sausages in the food industry.

GigE-camera system checks cardboard impressions

Kdorf Automation has installed an optical monitoring system based on components of STEMMER IMAGING to inspect card board impressions for a manufacturing company active in the food industry.

Imaging system for counting fish

Image Labs International, STEMMER IMAGINGs American CVB partner, uses Common Vision Blox to provide a solution to an unusual application - an imaging system for counting trout.

Fruit Inspection

Can you check the size and the ripeness of fruit with vision systems? Using Common Vision Blox makes is possible. The Software Tools CVB Edge and Color are successfully solving this task.