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Competitive contest decisions, game statistics and technique training are examples where machine vision is used in sports. This data coupled with 3D tracking enables the gaming entertainment industry to create lifelike games based on real event data.

Teledyne DALSA: Genie Nano 5GigE cameras enable high-speed data transfer over long distances


Teledyne DALSA’s Genie Nano 5GigE cameras provide an ideal solution for high-speed data transfer over distances up to 100m using traditional Ethernet components. Using the 5GBASE-T interface, but with the added benefit of Teledyne DALSA’s TurboDrive technology, data throughput approaching 10GigE is possible, but at a much lower price.

5 Gb GigE Vision cameras give higher data rates over long cable lengths


The new Genie Nano-5G GigE Vision cameras from Teledyne DALSA provide exceptional data transfer capabilities using industry-standard Ethernet technology at an extremely attractive price point. With data transfer rates in excess of 5 Gb/s possible over cable lengths up to 100 metres, and a choice of high performance Sony sensors, these new cameras open up a host of new applications in a wide range of industries.

New lens added to range of Zeiss Interlock compact lenses


A new, wide angle lens with a focal length of 25 mm has been added to the Zeiss Interlock range of compact, lightweight lenses. These are designed for use with large format area and line scan cameras. The full metal housing, locking screws for focus and aperture and their resilience to dust, water and vibration make these lenses ideally suited to use in very harsh industrial environments.

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Imaging systems for sports tracking


Machine vision technology does not only achieve extraordinary results in industrial applications, it is also very useful in other areas. The following article shows some examples from the sporting world.

One of the best penalty-stopping goalkeepers


Numerous international football stars such as Messi, Neymar and others have already tried to beat this goalkeeper from the penalty spot – mostly without success. Standing between the goalposts is not a human being, but RoboKeeper – probably the world's fastest goalkeeper.

Roller coaster ride for high speed imaging


For many of the millions of people who ride most thrilling roller coasters and similar rides in entertainment parks around the world, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a souvenir picture taken at a critical part of the ride. As rides get faster and more complex, so do the technical challenges in capturing those pin-sharp images. Vision technology specialist, STEMMER IMAGING has worked closely with Picsolve, the leading image capture partner for the leisure and entertainment industry, to develop a new high speed imaging system that can meet those challenges.

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