Sustainability at STEMMER IMAGING


The protection of our environment is a top priority at STEMMER IMAGING.

We are committed to protecting nature and take ecological values and criteria into account along the entire supply chain.

Our activities to protect the environment

Electricity from renewable resources

Considering climate protection and the conservation of resources, we aim to only purchase certified green electricity.

We are particularly successful in Germany: 100% of STEMMER IMAGING's total energy needs at the Puchheim headquarters are generated from renewable resources from local suppliers.

Climate-friendly employee mobility

We encourage the use of eco-friendly means of transport. All STEMMER IMAGING AG employees have access to a "JobRad" business bike.

In 2020, we saw an increase of over 50% percent in employees taking advantage of this offer.

Saving resources and avoiding waste

Wherever possible, we have been using recyclable products for a long time. The use of recycled materials as well as compliance with the local waste separation guidelines are a matter of course for us.

When packaging our goods, we avoid bubble wrap and use recyclable parcel tapes. We have stopped printing on thermal paper and introduced a digital document management system to significantly reduce the amount of paper we print.