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8 reasons for the European Imaging Academy

When looking for profound know-how in machine vision you will make a find - whether in our training courses or on your own computer. Find out 8 benefits offered by the European Imaging Academy:

Receive practical tips to permanently facilitate your day-to-day work.

Our trainers help customers to solve their tasks every day and are therefore very well acquainted with the everyday problems of machine vision users. In the training courses they pass this experience on in the form of numerous useful tips and practice-oriented information. As a participant in the training courses, you take this wealth of knowledge with you and can use it to facilitate your daily work.

Understand how to efficiently improve your machine vision applications.

STEMMER IMAGING has always concentrated on a product range that encompasses every component of a vision solution. As a result, we have comprehensive know-how regarding the ideal interaction of the individual imaging components – and we pass it on to you in our training courses. For example, you will learn to recognise that you may not actually need a new (and expensive) camera in order to improve the reliability of your evaluation. In many case a simple filter or a different illumination colour can result in a higher error detection rate.

Learn genuine principles – without manufacturer´s interests.

STEMMER IMAGING represents many manufacturers. That allows us to find the best and highest-quality solution for our customers. This maxim also applies to the training courses: our basic training courses are not about highlighting the products of a particular manufacturer; instead, we communicate a general knowledge base that enables you to understand the basic principles with which you can build a machine vision solution in an ideal manner.

Learn exactly what you want to know.

Our training courses take place in small groups and can therefore be adapted to the needs and the level of knowledge of the participants. There is also sufficient time for individual questions on your current issues. So you can be sure that your burning questions will be answered.

Learn more by solving tasks yourself.

It has been scientifically proven that the best way to learn things is not only by seeing and hearing them, but also by doing them yourself. For that reason, practical exercises are an important component of our training courses, so you can reliably implement what you have learnt at your place of work.

Obtain a competitive advantage.

You can obtain information about the latest developments in the field of imaging and machine vision through events such as the Machine Vision Technology Forum. This way you can get early information about new technologies and secure yourself a competitive advantage.

Learn together with your colleagues from all over Europe.

The European Imaging Academy represents an international concept: We offer our customers the same high-quality training courses and events at all our branch offices. That means that your colleagues throughout Europe can benefit from our knowledge without having to make long journeys.

Obtain additional contents – fast and online.

In our comprehensive collection of videos for the European Imaging Academy, we make videos available to you that explain basic techniques or certain products in a concise and simple manner. So you can expand your knowledge quickly and simply.

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