Vision systems for pharmaceutical market


Modern medicine depends on reliable imaging

Vision solutions for medical applications

Having the right perspective means being able to diagnose illnesses earlier, to improve treatments and to save lives. Modern medicine depends on imaging for the diagnosis and real-​time monitoring of operative procedures.

Medical Video Server

Various imaging systems such as endoscopes, microscopes, X-ray devices, CTs, MRIs or operating room monitoring cameras are used in medical applications. The video sources are based on different interfaces, resolutions, video standards, control options, etc. A major challenge is to install all these video sources in the clinical environment, provide the most diverse cable concepts, operate the cameras, transport, display, document and archive image and video data or, for example, to make the data visible for remote diagnosis.

This was exactly the focus for STEMMER IMAGING's newly developed concepts and products such as, the »Medical Video Server«, making it possible to record, manage and display any common video source and to distribute the data via LAN/WAN. Whether SD or HD, analogue or digital – we have the right solutions for you.

Expanded camera portfolio with powerful USB3 cameras from Teledyne Lumenera


STEMMER IMAGING extends its camera portfolio to include a new series of powerful USB3 cameras ideal for outside environments due to features such as advanced P-Iris functionality.

New visions with polarisation


Interview with our expert Jan Sandvoss

Polarisation imaging can reveal information on physical properties such as stresses in plastic or glass. STEMMER IMAGING polarisation expert Jan Sandvoss gives us an insight into this powerful technique and its possibilities.

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Raman spectroscopy measures corona infected cells


With BioRam®, CellTool has developed a Raman microscope system that allows to identify and characterize cells without labelling – solely based on interaction of photons with biomolecules of a cell. The recorded Raman spectra are as unique as a fingerprint.
Inline testing of the wettability of material surfaces


With the new bonNDTinspect® system, Automation W+R enables the reliable assessment of surfaces that are to be bonded, painted or otherwise treated in subsequent process steps. The system is based on a patent held by Fraunhofer IFAM and machine vision components from STEMMER IMAGING.

Reliable packaging of medicinally active ingredients


Sophisticated technology for the pharmaceutical industry and the construction of machines in this sector are among the core competences of Harro Höfliger. Machine vision systems ensure reliable quality inspections at several points in a new plant for the packaging of painkillers.

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