Intelligent traffic systems rely on vision technology


Intelligent traffic systems rely on vision technology

Comprehensive Product Range for the traffic and transport market

In addition to the standard CCTV type camera technology, STEMMER IMAGING can offer advanced products such as progressive scan cameras, high resolution megapixel sensors, digital camera interfaces such as HD-SDI, FireWire, USB 2.0, CameraLink and Gigabit Ethernet, plus advanced software tools, high-performance lenses and specialist illumination - helping our customers take the lead in their specific vertical markets.



Our products range from standard analogue video devices, through to the very latest Gigabit Ethernet, megapixel models and even include advanced thermal imaging cameras. Manufacturers such as AVT, JAI, Microbus, Sony, Teledyne DALSA and Toshiba are just some of the leading brands that partner with STEMMER IMAGING.

We can supply cameras with resolutions from VGA up to an astounding 24 megapixels, including the latest HD technology and nonsmear and non-blooming sensors, using a wide variety of connection technologies such as HD-SDI, FireWire, USB, CameraLink and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE Vision). Many of our cameras offer features specifically designed for traffic applications to ensure perfect images in all conditions.



We can of course supply standard CCTV type lenses for our cameras, but we also have access to the very latest advanced high-resolution optics from the world’s leading manufacturers such as Pentax, Tamron, Schneider, Fujinon, etc. Whether your requirement is for a simple fixed focal length lens, zoom lens, a day/night varifocal lens or an IR corrected lens, we will be able to help.

Our expert knowledge and our ability to provide accurate, and impartial customer advice is unparalleled. And if your application requires something special such as Ethernet lens controllers, we have a range that is second to none!



Illumination is one of the most overlooked and critical items in a system. STEMMER IMAGING can advise on all aspects of illumination, and provide either standard or customized solutions that are tailored to your individual requirements from manufacturers such as CCS, Gardasoft and Microbus.

We also supply advanced controllers from Gardasoft that can be programmed to control a range of different LED lighting, and a host of other processes, accurately and efficiently.

Smart Cameras & OEM Cameras

With modern embedded processors increasing on power, smart cameras are becoming a cost effective solution for single camera systems enabling many hardware and software tasks to be combined inside a single unit. With a number of solutions available, our experience in implementing vision in a diverse range of applications, enables us to provide independent advice of the right choice.



No two systems are ever alike, so STEMMER IMAGING stocks a wide range of accessories such as camera and lens housings, lens aperture controllers, cabling, Gigabit Ethernet hubs and extenders, lens filters and a whole lot more. Nitrogen purged, IP68 rated camera solutions with integrated lights and lenses allow operation in the harshest environments.

Common Vision Blox

Common Vision Blox

Common Vision Blox - CVB for short - can provide advanced recognition techniques such as vehicle make/model classification, vehicle taxation class recognition and accurate ANPR in challenging lighting conditions, to name just a few. In combination with our vast range of vision products like cameras, illumination and lenses, STEMMER IMAGING can provide a range of solutions for:

  • Toll booth and congestion charging applications
  • Parking and enforcement applications
  • High-resolution motorway/traffic surveillance applications
  • Vehicle stopping/turning identification
  • Traffic sign and road ‘furniture’ recognition
  • Detection of vehicles driving against the flow of traffic
  • Common Vision Blox also includes the unique CVB Manto software tool that provides a host of advanced functionalities not previously available in the traffic and safety sectors. CVB from STEMMER IMAGING, is the pre-eminent software of its type, offering a comprehensive range of tools that can be applied to virtually any conceivable application.