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Software Training: HALCON (2 days)

Practical for Programmers - Introduction to HALCON 1 & 2

This 2-days course is intended for vision engineers who have some knowledge about machine vision and want to start (and improve their skills) using HALCON for application development and prototyping. The second day is the sequel of day one.

HALCON is a powerful machine vision development system. It can be used in a wide range of application areas and offers an extensive set of operators combined with optimized data structures.

The easiest way to learn to work with HALCON and to get accustomed with HDevelop is by practice. With HALCON a lot of example programs and images are provided from all application areas and for all kinds of operators and methods. By assembling simply example applications, HALCON users will quickly familiarize with HDevelop and get a sense of achievement.


  • Image acquisition
  • Blob analysis
  • Shape-based matching
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Calibration
  • 1D measuring
  • 2D measuring
  • Bar code reading


The aim of this course is to learn working with HDevelop by programming simple example applications supervised by an experienced MVTEC coach. First, the participants learn how to acquire images from a camera. This is always the first step before being able to do serious machine vision. Building on that, the participants first develop a small blob analysis application, and after that a matching application.

During this process the needed concepts are introduced step by step while the tasks become more complex. Additional short sections of hints and tricks how to use HDevelop efficiently and theoretical introductions to different application areas. These includes OCR, calibration, ID and 2D measuring, and bar code reading.


2 days



Participation Fee

The participation fee for this training session is EUR 1150,- excl. VAT and includes all drinks, lunch and certificate of participation.